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New Years Resolutions | 2018

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Happy new year everyone! It's a brand new year, full of new opportunities, memories, and so much more! It's another chance to set some new goals and resolutions and smash them. I've gathered somewhat 50 things that you could include in your own lists.

  1. Start budgeting

  2. Get more organised

  3. Declutter everything

  4. Prioritise your health - mental and physical

  5. Cope with stress

  6. Prioritise things that actually matter - family, friends

  7. Read more

  8. Start a new hobby

  9. Practice gratitude

  10. Get fit and active

  11. Be more productive

  12. Acknowledge and accept change

  13. Be kind to yourself

  14. Follow a skincare routine

  15. Learn to cook

  16. Indulge in selfcare

  17. Conquer any of your fears

  18. Sleep more

  19. Put yourself out there

  20. Learn to love yourself

  21. Make a morning/night routine

  22. Learn how to be alone/single

  23. Turn phone off (1 hour daily)

  24. Go to a theatre

  25. Invest in things rather than splurging

  26. Cook a new recipe weekly

  27. Join a new sport

  28. Practice meditation

  29. Spend time in nature

  30. Be confident

  31. Smile more

  32. Keep a daily journal

  33. Travel to new places

  34. Volunteer at charities and your communities

  35. Start a blog

  36. Start a youtube channel

  37. Drink more water

  38. Spend less time watching TV

  39. Quit a bad habit

  40. Go skydiving

  41. Get into politics

  42. Take a whole day off social media once a month

  43. Learn a new language

  44. Watch more documentaries

  45. Join an art class

  46. Visit museums

  47. Stop procrastinating

  48. Be more honest - with yourself and others

  49. Meet new people

  50. Be your authentic self

  51. Revamp your wardrobe

  52. Adopt a pet - cat, dog, fish, tortoise, etc

  53. Turn a hobby into a career

  54. Learn to control your emotions

  55. Get spiritual - whether that is through a religion or not

  56. Go bare-faced and learn to embrace it

  57. Learn your triggers and ways to deal with them

  58. Accept your past

  59. Create a goal board

  60. Focus on your goals

  61. Practice kindness

  62. Spend more time with loved ones - family, friends, partner

  63. Have a movie night with your favourite people or yourself


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