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Reading Challenge | 2019

This year, one of my goals is to read more than I have previously done so. One reason for this is, I love reading - it allows me to escape into another world, to learn, grow and just enjoy myself. The other reason is that I have too many books and I keep buying more. However, I'm not reading as many as I would like to be doing to keep on top of my ever-growing collection.

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Every year, I set a reading challenge on Goodreads. This year, I set a goal of reading 25 books. That seems pretty easy, right? My second reading challenge is to read 40 books which would be more ideal for me. I have collected many excellent books over the years but I haven't given them the love they deserve. I'm saying this without being as cringe as I possibly can! So here are all the books I will be reading or re-reading this year! (Brace yourselves...)

  1. AngloArabia - David Wearing

  2. I hope this reaches her in time - R. H. Sin | re-reading

  3. The Sun and her Flowers - Rupi Kaur | re-reading

  4. Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur | re-reading

  5. Falling Awake - Alice Oswald | re-reading

  6. Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince - J. K. Rowling | re-reading

  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - J. K. Rowling } re-reading

  8. Born to Love, Cursed to Feel - Samantha King

  9. Love her wild - Atticus

  10. 1984 - George Orwell

  11. The Wisdom of Compassion - Dalai Lama and Victor Chang

  12. Nomad (Marc Dane ) - James Swallow

  13. Exile (Marc Dane ) - James Swallow

  14. Ghost (Marc Dane ) - James Swallow

  15. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman

  16. The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Peter Frankopan

  17. To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

  18. Children of Bone and Blood - Tomi Adeyemi

  19. The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris

  20. Inglorious Empire: What the British did to India - Shashi Tharoor

  21. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  22. A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  23. A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  24. A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  25. A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  26. A Dance with Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  27. A Dance with Dragons 2: After the Feast (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin

  28. Fire and Blood - George R. R. Martin

  29. The Nowhere Man (Orphan X) - Gregg Hurwitz

  30. Hellbent (Orphan X) - Gregg Hurwitz

  31. Red Queen (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

  32. Glass Sword (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

  33. King's Cage (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

  34. Uglies (Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld

  35. Pretties (Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld

  36. Specials (Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld

  37. Extras (Uglies) - Scott Westerfeld

  38. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Rick Riordan | re-reading

  39. The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Rick Riordan

  40. The Titans Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Rick Riordan

  41. The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Rick Riordan

  42. The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Rick Riordan

  43. Playing with Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  44. The Faceless One (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  45. Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  46. Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  47. Death Bringer (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  48. Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  49. Last Stand of Dead Men (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

  50. The Dying of the Light (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

These books are in no order of how I want to read them - I just go by whatever interests me at the moment. After I finish the Harry Potter books, I will begin reading the Game of Thrones series. After watching the TV show, I wanted to read the books as well so I ordered them off Amazon (hurray for Prime)! When the series arrived, I decided to sneak read the first few pages and I literally lost myself in the book. I had to force myself to stop so I could read them at a time where I was to enjoy them to the fullest. I'm super excited for season 8 to come out!!!

As you can see, a fair amount of the books I want to read are from the young adult genre. I read the first book of the Percy Jackson series when I was in year 9 or something and I really enjoyed it - and the movie was pretty cool too (the main character was cute). I enjoy reading fiction series as they allow you a temporary escape from life and they go on for a couple of books, allowing you to get to see the characters grow. I often buy series books from a company called The Book People as they have really good offers.

All these books are those which I already own so my challenge this year is to read the books which are already on my bookshelf. As a way to treat myself, I have decided that when I manage to reach my goal of 25 books and then 40, I will treat myself to buying a new collection. There are already so many more that I want to buy!

Add me on my Goodreads to see the books I have read/am currently reading and how I am progressing with my reading challenge.

Happy reading!

PS. would you guys like me to do another reading challenge post when I hit my first target to show all the books I have read (in order) with a small review?

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