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4 Simple ways to achieve your goals.

Happy new year to you! I wish this year to be full of inspiration and growth, and for you to achieve as many of your goals!

Struggling to stick to your new year resolutions?

Fear not!

Here's what you need to do. 

  1. Pick out between 2-4 goals that you really want to achieve. Over the last couple of years, I would always make several goals that were very broad and I never really managed to stick to them. By having a smaller, more specific set of goals, I found that it was easier to accomplish the things I set out to achieve. Once I had chosen the few goals, I would break them down further to make the goal more achievable. I was more likely to stick through to the end, rather than forgetting about what I even wanted to get done.

  2. Stick your goals somewhere you can see them regularly. By writing them down, it'll be like speaking them to the universe, and by placing them somewhere that you can see them regularly, it will keep them at the front of your mind. This will act as a constant reminder of all the incredible goals you want to achieve. This will also keep you motivated because ticking things off from your list will feel amazing right?

  3. Reward yourself when you complete any of your goals. It will keep you motivated! Be sure to reward yourself for completing your goals. This will make you feel good about the progress you make and will feel motivated to keep going You can set aside a budget for yourself and spend it on whatever makes you feel good.

  4. Ask a friend to check in on your progress. By having a friend checking in on you to see how you are getting on with your goals can help you remain on track. You can ask them to check in every month or few weeks, whatever works best for you. If you wish to keep your goals private, that's okay too. Instead, you can set reminders in your calendar or notes and then evaluate your progress.

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