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Bored, Bored, Bored

You ever have them days when you're literally so bored out of your mind and don't really know what you could do?

We all get seriously bored sometimes and have absolutely no idea what to do. I've come up with somewhat a list of things to do when you're bored. I will update this every time I think of something new! Hope this helps x

  1. Start a new daily journal

  2. Go for a walk

  3. Make a healthy snack for yourself

  4. Watch some TV, (refer to the ultimate TV show guide for some inspiration)

  5. Paint your nails

  6. Start a bullet journal

  7. Delete all the unnecessary pictures, documents and apps off your devices - it will help clear your mind

  8. Organise your laptop so it’s easier for you to access

  9. Take your pet for a walk

  10. Call a friend

  11. Read a book

  12. Tidy up your personal space

  13. Have a bath

  14. Decorate your room

  15. Bake a dessert

  16. Try a Pinterest craft

  17. Scribble in a colouring book

  18. Organise your bookshelf

  19. Rearrange your furniture

  20. Deep clean your house

  21. Practice meditation

  22. Listen to a podcast or ebook

  23. Write to your grandparents

  24. Learn to mix your own cocktails

  25. Learn a new hairstyle

  26. Get a haircut

  27. Volunteer at a charity

  28. Give yourself a facial

  29. Wash your makeup brushes

  30. Explore a cave (be careful when doing so! Take all precautions and maybe take someone with you!)

  31. Write your own play script

  32. Dye your hair (if you're allowed)

  33. Update your CV (résumé)

  34. Make a new friend

  35. Visit a coffee shop

  36. Open your own Etsy shop

  37. Make a reddit thread

  38. Start your own YouTube channel

  39. Take a dance class

  40. Hunt for coins around the house (get your kids involved)

  41. Get a tattoo

  42. Organise the photos on your phone

  43. Go to a festival

  44. Make a new friend

  45. Try out a new restaurant

  46. Make your own lotion bars

  47. Go to a museum

  48. Mow your neighbours lawn for cash

  49. Practice your outdoor photography skills

  50. Find pieces of clothing to give away

  51. KonMari your house

  52. Plant a garden

  53. Have a garage sale

  54. Go to a concert

  55. Start a new book series

  56. Browse the farmers market

  57. Go for a swim

  58. Have a karaoke night

  59. Have a movie night

  60. Try a 10 minute workout

  61. Knit a sweater

  62. Go on a hike (get your friends or family involved if you want)

  63. Create a terrarium

  64. Take a jog around the block

  65. Publish an article on topics you are interested in

  66. Ride your bike around town

  67. Organise a picnic

  68. Complete a puzzle

  69. Buy something you've always wanted

  70. Camp in your back garden

  71. Go bowling

  72. Make yourself a cup of tea

  73. Review books on Goodreads

  74. Listen to a new genre of music

  75. Review restaurants on Yelp

  76. Plan a holiday

  77. Paint your house

  78. Practice your positive affirmations

  79. Take yourself out to dinner

  80. Make yourself a healthy smoothy

  81. Learn a new language

  82. Go to the cinema with your friends or family

  83. Build a fort

  84. Collect sea shells or rocks

  85. Buy a pet

  86. Make jewellery

  87. Babysit for cash

  88. Make a bucket list

  89. Map out your family tree

  90. Go to an amusement park

  91. Pick fruit

  92. Practice speed reading

  93. Enter a contest

  94. Get another job

  95. Write a poem

  96. Paint a mug

  97. Find a pen pal

  98. Write down all your goals

  99. Try your hand at pottery

  100. Throw a party

  101. Complement strangers

  102. Sketch a portrait

  103. Go thrift store shopping

  104. Take a road trip

  105. Track the moon cycle

  106. Buy art

  107. Go to a meetup

  108. Start a scrapbook

  109. Learn a new instrument


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