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What Makes Me Angry | Adeela Ejaz

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

What Makes me Angry?

What makes me angry?

You ask me

What makes me angry

Do you really want an answer to this?

A lot makes me angry,

leaving goosebumps on my skin,

Raising the hairs on the back of my neck.

So what makes me angry?

As a woman, 

I’m looked down upon,

As an immigrant,

I am hated.

As a muslim,

I am labelled a terrorist.

So what makes me angry?

My mental health labels me as crazy.

My gender makes me less than men

My voice is silenced 

Because I am a young woman

And my culture sees me as a burden.

So you still ask what makes me angry. 

-Adeela Ejaz


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