• Adeela Ejaz

University | What am I Doing????

Originally, the plan was to go to City, University of London to do Opthalmic Dispensing but after I got my results I decided I'd much prefer to do politics because I'd enjoy it a lot more. I went through clearing and my friends helped me to find a uni and a suitable course for myself.Thankfully I got a place at a uni to do politics and international relations which I'm looking forward to studying.

Tomorrow is my first day and I'm so nervous even though it's only welcome reception, meeting with the personal tutors and enrolment. My anxiety has been so high over the past few days that I'm not even sleeping properly. Dealing with my anxiety today has been very difficult but I've tried to keep myself busy by doing something all day.

I am excited to start at uni as it is a new environment. I didn't enjoy my experience at school and sixth form because I hated the environment I was in; it was toxic for me.

So here's to new memories, friends and a whole lotta fun!

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