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Meditation | Mindfulness

Breathe. That’s literally all you gotta do. Just breathe.

A lot of us suffer from stress on a daily basis and we fail to do anything about it. It honestly requires the simplest things like taking 5 minutes out of your day and grounding yourself and finding your zen.

Only very recently have I realised that I get stressed very easily but what am I doing to stop this? Not much. However, I found something that helps me find peace and my mind from racing. And that is meditating.

No, you do not have to sit for hours. You can sit, lay down, whichever works for you and literally just control your breathing. You can also focus on something which brings you peace, like the mountains or rainfall or the beach or the sea.

How do I meditate?

I actually meditate once a week at Wing Chun, where we spend a whole hour stretching and breathing which is to help our lungs become stronger and at the same time, to help us get rid of stress and anxiety. Sometimes if my anxiety becomes really bad, which is often on the train to uni, I'll sit down, close my eyes and breathe for a minimum of 5 times, and keep doing it until I become calmer and my mind stops racing. I mostly meditate to prevent my panic attack from taking over - and yes, I have had a lot of panic attacks over the past few months on journeys or at places which I consider safe, like Wing Chun.

What's my progress?

The more I meditate, the better I get and the better I feel. When I actively engage in mindfulness, everything else around me also falls into place, I'm no longer living under 24 hour stress, or feel like I'm having a 'mid-life' crisis. It allows me to be more confident in myself and I'm less likely to do something rash. Another thing I've noticed is that since I've been meditating, my bipolar hasn't kicked me in the face which is such a good feeling. It was one thing which seemed to be taking my life and swallowing me whole but now, that feeling is no longer as present as it was before.

I really recommend meditation and any form of mindfulness because it is important to switch off from the world and relax. It is vital to take care of your mental health as well as physical. Remember, it is a process and you will get better with time!


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