• Adeela Ejaz

J. O. | Interview 4

After completing my A level exams and obtaining my A-level grades, excitement led me to be looking forward to embarking a new journey, this is because I was looking forward to opening a new chapter of my life by starting to attend university. Being given an opportunity to further my knowledge of Psychology at degree level, as well as knowing I’d be getting the whole uni experience at the same time made me driven yet curious. Curiosity sprung as a result of not knowing what exactly this uni experience would entail, but now that I have just a few months left till my first year of studying at degree level ends - I personally feel that I have gone through a lot, and will continue going through a lot as time progresses.

Moreover, my experience so far has been good and bad; good because I have started making new friends, expanding my social network and being given highly respected roles to help students in my year and etc. However, my experience so far has also consisted of challenged, as with uni comes independence, so living by myself has been quite difficult at times. This is because, I am no longer under the roof of my parents so the guidance and being shown how and when to do things is not always provided as much. As a result, there has been times where I would temporarily suffer mentally and fall into this state of confusion from not knowing what to do at times with life. Especially because the people around me such as friends and uni staff can only help you to a certain extent, and with my family who are my main support system, then being far away from my university makes the situation much harder. Despite this, when going through situations like this I have noticed that it had impacted the person that I am now and has changed me for the best, as I begin learning about myself as a person midway through.

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